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Moon Mitt

65 GBP 35101-280

Color Navy

Our Moon Mitt is heavily insulated with Primaloft to provide exceptional warmth on cold winter days.
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Alpine ski gloves are designed with a classic, Scandinavian touch for skiers who want high-quality gloves – both inside and out. These gloves are designed with the needs of skiers and snowboarders in mind, and focus on quality materials, warmth, and fit.


Skiing | Everyday winter


Attachments for handcuffs | Elastic at wrist


Primaloft gold

A soft, down-like insulation with breathable and warming properties. 100% Polyester.


Brushed polyester

Durable lining with a soft feeling. The brushed surface binds more air, which provides better insulation. 100% Polyester.

Outer material

Hairsheep leather | Ripstop polyamide fabric
Hairsheep leather

A thin and soft high-gloss leather.

Ripstop polyamide fabric

Windproof, water-resistant, and breathable. 100% Polyamide.

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