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Deerskin Men's 5-finger 38823-400
80 GBP

Color Natural yellow

Natural yellow
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Classic riding glove for men who want a smooth and durable riding glove. Suitable for both jumping, dressage and outdoor rides. Reinforcements for great grip and protection. Also available for women, 38820.



Classic men’s 
leather riding glove...

A classic riding glove for men, sewn in soft, strong leather. A stylish, minimalist design, equally good for jumping, dressage and hacking. Reinforcements improve grip and offer extra protection from wear and blisters. Deerskin is supple, provides some insulation and has a beautiful texture. As a natural material, it moulds to the shape of the hand and ages gracefully. Also available in a women’s version.


Horse riding places unique demands on gloves. This collection of riding gloves uses premium leathers and synthetics to provide a close fit, good grip, and durability to get you through long days in the saddle.

Product origin

Shanghai, China

Hestra Pinghu Huashen Partner since: 1981

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Horse Riding


Elastic at wrist | Half piqué | Reinforcement details | Snap button at cuff
Half piqué

Half piqué means that the leathers are overlapped on backhand and sewn with a one millimetre seam allowance.

Outer material


A supple and isolating leather with a beautiful grain texture.

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