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Sirius Polar Mitt

220 GBP 35051-300100

Color Natural grey & black

Natural grey & black

Removable lining


A heavy mitten developed for extreme conditions such as polar expeditions and mushing in cold climate. Comes with a harness with carabiners. Also features removable wipe pads for nose or goggles. Adjustable pull strap around the wrist. Made of durable goat leather and canvas fabric. Removable wool liner inside



The Outdoor Collection encompasses rigorously tested gloves for hiking, camping, Nordic skating, and other outdoor adventures. These gloves are crafted from our best materials and can withstand the elements during any outdoor trip.





Carabiner | Harness | Removable cloth on back of hand | Removable lining | Snow lock | Wrist adjustment with duckbill


Wool pile

The pile structure binds a lot of air, which provides more warmth. 100% Wool.

Outer material

Army Goat Leather | Heavy canvas
Army Goat Leather

Our most durable and impregnated leather with hardwearing properties often used in our sport gloves.

Heavy canvas

70% Cotton, 30% Polyester.

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