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Ecocuir Unlined 5-finger 32240-700
75 GBP

Color Natural brown

Natural brown
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A hardwearing, unlined leather glove for hiking, hunting and wilderness adventure. Made in sustainable Ecocuir cowhide tanned without chrome or synthetic dyes. A favourite glove for bushcraft, scouting and forest activities when you want to protect your hands in difficult terrain while ensuring good grip on an axe or other tools.







Chrome-free leather glove for 
hunting and outdoor activities...

Ecocuir Unlined is a robust sustainable glove for the great outdoors, ideal for hiking, hunting and plenty of other activities in field or forest. A comfortable work glove that provides protection and excellent grip when chopping wood, setting up camp, carrying gear and doing all kinds of wilderness tasks. Sewn in chrome-free, undyed Ecocuir cowhide which takes on an attractive patina with use. A pull tab on the cuff makes the glove easier to put on and an eyelet means you can attach it to a belt loop or rucksack, for example.


The Outdoor Collection encompasses rigorously tested gloves for hiking, camping, Nordic skating, and other outdoor adventures. These gloves are crafted from our best materials and can withstand the elements during any outdoor trip.

Product origin

Shanghai, China

Hestra Pinghu Huashen Partner since: 1981

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Outdoor | Hiking | Ski touring | Hunting & fishing




Ski touring

Ski touring

Hunting & fishing

Hunting & fishing


Elastic at wrist | Puller at cuff

Outer material

Chrome-free ecocuir cowhide

Impregnated cowhide, chrome-free tanned.

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